A leather harness or corset is a skillfully crafted fashion accessory, an ideal styling tool. The accessory can be worn over a dress, bodysuit or just a shirt. Attention to detail adds a touch of style and elegance to the overall look. It’s no secret that the variety of women’s belts or corsets is much wider and more diverse than the same accessory for men. You can find your favourite on  bleakandsleek.shop/collections/body-harnesses.

Types of women’s leather harness- what should you know?

With the emergence of bodysuits and lingerie as outerwear, leather belts fit perfectly into the latest trends. And no wonder, as they emphasise the waist, chest, shoulders and legs in an original way.

So first, let’s see what options for women’s body harnesses exist, namely: classic, designer, thin, wide. 

  • Classic. They are decorated with a minimal amount of decorations, prints, rhinestones, etc. In addition, classics are created exclusively with metal or bone buckles. Plastic is not typical for the classic style.
  • Designer. In fact, this is the antithesis of the classic, since designer models are decorated with embossing, various stones or embroidery, rhinestones, buttons, etc. The buckle can be more massive than in the classics.
  • Thin. They gained their recognition in the fashion of the 80s, but remain relevant today. By the way, this model is especially popular with girls and women who seek restraint and conciseness.
  • Wide. Ideal for those who want to emphasise the waist thanks to the successful proportions. In addition, you can choose monochromatic or multicoloured options.

Pay special attention to the colour you choose, as it depends on the type of event you want to wear the belt to. For example, white, black, or milky shades are suitable for business meetings, while bright options can be safely used for walking down the street or to a party.

How to choose the right leather belt for women?

First of all, know that belts or belts are chosen as an auxiliary accessory for a handbag or shoes. This tip will help you easily complete your look. In addition, note the colour, season, brand, material, and, last but not least, your body type – this directly affects the choice of belt model.

Pay attention to the material – it is no less important than colour or style. Materials for women’s belts mainly include:

  • Genuine leather. This is a durable and reliable material for belts or corsets. Its cost may be higher than the same polyurethane, suede or leatherette, but it is quite reasonable.
  • Polyurethane. A fairly strong material that boasts its durability and can be a worthy substitute for leather if you are committed to eco-friendly solutions for your style.
  • Suede. It looks rich and beautiful, but has the only significant drawback – it requires constant care and caution.
  • Dermantine, leatherette, or eco-leather. There are many variations of it, but unfortunately, it does not boast of its durability or elasticity, but it is great for trying something new. In terms of price, it is unrivalled.