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  • via Limehouse Hostel

    Commercial Road , tel. 203 588 8484... show
    Commercial Road , 628-634, tel. +442035888484 more
    Hostels via Limehouse Hostel located in London, Commercial Road .
  • Hootananny Brixton

    London, Effra Road , tel. 207 737 7273... show
    London, Effra Road , 95, tel. +442077377273 more
    Hostels Hootananny Brixton located in London, Effra Road .
  • Acacia Hostel

    Queensberry Place , tel. 207 823 7103... show
    Queensberry Place , 14, tel. +442078237103 more
    Hostels Acacia Hostel located in London, Queensberry Place .
  • Park Villa Boutique Hostel

    Grove Road , tel. 208 980 1439... show
    Grove Road , 51, tel. +442089801439 more
    Hostels Park Villa Boutique Hostel located in London, Grove Road .
  • Meininger Hotel

    Queen's Gate , tel. 203 318 1407... show
    Queen\'s Gate , 65-67, tel. +442033181407 more
    Hostels Meininger Hotel located in London, Queen's Gate .
  • Hostel One Notting Hill

    Prince's Square , tel. 207 229 4944... show
    Prince\'s Square , 63, tel. +442072294944 more
    Hostels Hostel One Notting Hill located in London, Prince's Square .
  • Palmers Lodge

    College Crescent , tel. 2074838470... show
    College Crescent , 40, tel. 4402074838470 more
    Hostels Palmers Lodge located in London, College Crescent .
  • SoHostel

    London, Dean Street , tel. 208 821 5154... show
    London, Dean Street , 91, tel. +442088215154 more
    Hostels SoHostel located in London, Dean Street .
  • Baggies Backpackers Angel

    City Road , tel. 207 186 8080... show
    City Road , 333, tel. +442071868080 more
    Hostels Baggies Backpackers Angel located in London, City Road .
  • Astor Kensington Hostel

    Queensborough Terrace , tel. 207 229 7782... show
    Queensborough Terrace , 45, tel. +442072297782 more
    Hostels Astor Kensington Hostel located in London, Queensborough Terrace .
  • London Waterloo Hostel

    London, Lambeth Walk , tel. 207 582 3088... show
    London, Lambeth Walk , 73, tel. +442075823088 more
    Hostels London Waterloo Hostel located in London, Lambeth Walk .
  • Clink78

    London, King's Cross Road , tel. 203 475 3000... show
    London, King\'s Cross Road , 78, tel. +442034753000 more
    Hostels Clink78 located in London, King's Cross Road .
  • A Home from Home

    Ernest Street , tel. 207 790 8796... show
    Ernest Street , Latimer Chapel, tel. +442077908796 more
    Hostels A Home from Home located in London, Ernest Street .
  • Smart NHS Russell Square Hostel

    Guilford Street , tel. 207 833 8818... show
    Guilford Street , 72, tel. +442078338818 more
    Hostels Smart NHS Russell Square Hostel located in London, Guilford Street .
  • Max Rayne House

    Camden Road , tel. 2074859377... show
    Camden Road , 109, tel. 4402074859377 more
    Hostels Max Rayne House located in London, Camden Road .
  • Clink 261

    Gray's Inn Road , tel. 207 713 7789... show
    Gray\'s Inn Road , 261-263, tel. +442077137789 more
    Hostels Clink 261 located in London, Gray's Inn Road .
  • LSE Bankside House

    London, Sumner Street , tel. 207 955 7676... show
    London, Sumner Street , 24, tel. +442079557676 more
    Hostels LSE Bankside House located in London, Sumner Street .
  • Generator London

    Tavistock Place , tel. 207 388 7666... show
    Tavistock Place , 37, tel. +442073887666 more
    Hostels Generator London located in London, Tavistock Place .
  • Missionaries of Charity

    St George's Road , tel. 207 704 5670... show
    St George\'s Road , 112, tel. +442077045670 more
    Hostels Missionaries of Charity located in London, St George's Road .
  • Ifor Evans Hall

    London, Camden Road , tel. 2074859377... show
    London, Camden Road , Ifor Evans Hall, tel. 4402074859377 more
    Hostels Ifor Evans Hall located in London, Camden Road .
  • St Christopher's Inn

    Plender Street , tel.
    Plender Street , 48-50, tel. more
    Hostels St Christopher's Inn located in London, Plender Street .
  • Wombat's

    London, Dock Street , tel.
    London, Dock Street , 7, tel. more
    Hostels Wombat's located in London, Dock Street .
  • Willesden Junction Hotel

    Station Road , tel.
    Station Road , , tel. more
    Hostels Willesden Junction Hotel located in London, Station Road .
  • London Thameside

    Rotherhithe Street , tel.
    Rotherhithe Street , , tel. more
    Hostels London Thameside located in London, Rotherhithe Street .
  • St Christophers Village

    Mermaid Court , tel.
    Mermaid Court , 161-165, tel. more
    Hostels St Christophers Village located in London, Mermaid Court .
  • Miriam Lodge

    London, Suncroft Place , tel.
    London, Suncroft Place , , tel. more
    Hostels Miriam Lodge located in London, Suncroft Place .
  • West London YMCA

    St Mary's Road , tel.
    St Mary\'s Road , , tel. more
    Hostels West London YMCA located in London, St Mary's Road .
  • Palmers Lodge

    Mapesbury Road , tel.
    Mapesbury Road , 7A, tel. more
    Hostels Palmers Lodge located in London, Mapesbury Road .
  • YHA London Central

    London, Bolsover Street , tel.
    London, Bolsover Street , 104, tel. more
    Hostels YHA London Central located in London, Bolsover Street .
  • Bowden Court

    London, Ladbroke Road , tel.
    London, Ladbroke Road , 24, tel. more
    Hostels Bowden Court located in London, Ladbroke Road .
  • YHA London Earls Court

    London, Bolton Gardens , tel.
    London, Bolton Gardens , 38, tel. more
    Hostels YHA London Earls Court located in London, Bolton Gardens .
  • Kensal Green Backpackers

    London, Harrow Road , tel.
    London, Harrow Road , 639, tel. more
    Hostels Kensal Green Backpackers located in London, Harrow Road .
  • St James Backpackers

    Longridge Road , tel.
    Longridge Road , 21-23, tel. more
    Hostels St James Backpackers located in London, Longridge Road .
  • YHA London St Pauls

    Carter Lane , tel.
    Carter Lane , 36, tel. more
    Hostels YHA London St Pauls located in London, Carter Lane .
  • Astor Hyde Park

    Queen's Gate , tel.
    Queen\'s Gate , 191, tel. more
    Hostels Astor Hyde Park located in London, Queen's Gate .
  • The Dictionary

    Kingsland Road , tel.
    Kingsland Road , 10-20, tel. more
    Hostels The Dictionary located in London, Kingsland Road .
  • Railton House

    London, Craven Hill , tel.
    London, Craven Hill , 10, tel. more
    Hostels Railton House located in London, Craven Hill .
  • Barmy Badgers Backpackers

    Longridge Road , tel.
    Longridge Road , 17, tel. more
    Hostels Barmy Badgers Backpackers located in London, Longridge Road .
  • James Hora Home

    London, Ashfield Street , tel.
    London, Ashfield Street , Horace Evans House, tel. more
    Hostels James Hora Home located in London, Ashfield Street .
  • Bishop's Lodge Hotel

    London, Mowbray Road , tel.
    London, Mowbray Road , 2, tel. more
    Hostels Bishop's Lodge Hotel located in London, Mowbray Road .
  • Church Army Hostel for Women

    Cosway Street , tel.
    Cosway Street , 1-5, tel. more
    Hostels Church Army Hostel for Women located in London, Cosway Street .
  • Safestay London Holland Park

    Holland Walk , tel.
    Holland Walk , , tel. more
    Hostels Safestay London Holland Park located in London, Holland Walk .
  • St Christopher's Inn

    Prince of Orange Lane , tel.
    Prince of Orange Lane , , tel. more
    Hostels St Christopher's Inn located in London, Prince of Orange Lane .
  • Xenia (Chapter 1, Christian Alliance)

    Secker Street , tel.
    Secker Street , , tel. more
    Hostels Xenia (Chapter 1, Christian Alliance) located in London, Secker Street .
  • Will Perrin Court

    London, Guysfield Close , tel.
    London, Guysfield Close , , tel. more
    Hostels Will Perrin Court located in London, Guysfield Close .
  • New Mansion House

    Lancaster Gate , tel.
    Lancaster Gate , 38-40, tel. more
    Hostels New Mansion House located in London, Lancaster Gate .
  • Dover Castle Hostel

    Great Dover Street , tel.
    Great Dover Street , 6a, tel. more
    Hostels Dover Castle Hostel located in London, Great Dover Street .
  • Mineiro

    Chamberlayne Road , tel.
    Chamberlayne Road , 49, tel. more
    Hostels Mineiro located in London, Chamberlayne Road .
  • Northfields Hostel

    Northfield Avenue , tel.
    Northfield Avenue , 264, tel. more
    Hostels Northfields Hostel located in London, Northfield Avenue .
  • Leinster House

    London, Leinster Gardens , tel.
    London, Leinster Gardens , 44-46, tel. more
    Hostels Leinster House located in London, Leinster Gardens .

A brief overview of hostels in London (Greater London)

Here on this page is collected information about hostels, located in London (Greater London). Locator knows about 110 hostels near this place among them via Limehouse Hostel, Hootananny Brixton, Acacia Hostel and other , which are located on Commercial Road, Effra Road, Queensberry Place and other streets near. Here you will find the exact addresses, location map, ☎️ telephones, working hours, reviews about these hostels.

  • How many hostels in London?

    According to Locator data in London operates 110 hostels.

  • Which hostels are best in London?

    Locator recommends to visit the following hostels in London: via Limehouse Hostel, Hootananny Brixton, Acacia Hostel.

  • Where are the nearest hostels in London to me?

    To find out which hostels is closest to you, go to the Hostels in London page and bring the Locator map closer to your location or click on the geolocation icon in the map control unit at the bottom right.

  • What are the prices for hostels services in London?

    Prices for hostels services in London depend on the specific service and hostels. Locator allows all hostels to specify prices for their services. To find out about them, go to the link on the service page or see the prices on the specific hostels page.

  • Which hostels services in London are better to use?⭐

    We recommend that you contact hostels, which has a high rating according to Locator: via Limehouse Hostel, Hootananny Brixton, Acacia Hostel.

  • How to contact these hostels?

    You can see the contacts for communication with these hostels pharmacies by going to their page. Locator provides the opportunity to contact by phone, email, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram and through internal messages on the site Locator.

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Angel, Arsenal, Bayswater, Borough, Boston Manor, Brent Cross, Brixton, Camden Town, Canary Wharf, Earl's Court, East Ham, Edgware Road (Bakerloo line), Elephant & Castle, Finchley Road, Gloucester Road, Goodge Street, Great Portland Street, Harlesden, Harrow & Wealdstone, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Hendon Central, High Street Kensington, Highbury & Islington, Holborn, Holland Park, Kennington, Kensal Green, Kilburn, King's Cross St Pancras, Lambeth North, Lancaster Gate, London Bridge, Mile End, Mornington Crescent, Neasden, Northfields, Notting Hill Gate, Old Street, Oval, Oxford Circus, Paddington (Bakerloo, Circle and District lines), Paddington (Circle and Hammersmith & City lines), Pimlico, Queensway, Regent's Park, Royal Oak, Russell Square, Seven Sisters, Sloane Square, Southwark, St. James's Park, Stepney Green, Stockwell, Swiss Cottage, Tottenham Court Road, Turnpike Lane, Uxbridge, Warren Street, Waterloo, West Brompton, Westbourne Park, Westminster, Whitechapel, Willesden Green, Willesden Junction